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Eat Slow Live Longer - Play Mat

Quickly and rushed eating, gobbling, can lead to torsion of the stomach and obesity. A torsion of the stomach is a life-threatening condition in which the stomach turns over in the abdominal cavity. This makes the stomach to be closed off from the intestines and esophagus. Consequences are pinching or even bruising of organs and weaves. Ultimately, this can lead to cracks. This may be caused by something seemingly innocuous as gobbling.

Symptoms are increased saliva production, expansion of the abdominal cavity and retching. Gobbling also affects the digestive system in a negative way, since kibble ends up unchewed in the stomach, which also results in a chance of becoming overweight. The dog also gets too much air inside when gobbling due to air gasping. This can lead to flatulence. With the Eat Slow Live Longer Play Mat your dog will chew better which has a positive impact on the health of the teeth.
The above says it all!
If you want your dog to eat in a natural, fun and slow way.... then the Eat Slow Live Longer Play Mat is the product for your dog!
44 x 28 cm